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Expectations in the Time of Corona

Whitney Bishop
2 min readMar 17, 2020


Expectations in the time of Corona

He’s lying there

The cycle is clear






A cycle as relentless as the messages we draw near

the botched response of those we blame, how dare they, how could they, why would they?

the masses who are missing their next shift, their next gig, their next meal

the cries for help, for connection, for attention, for relief — unanswered if not unheard

and the fear

the fear

the fear

the next case

the next conspiracy theory

the next death

the next lost freedom

our civic duty is to distance ourselves

He lays there, expecting better of us

Served by strangers

Kind strangers

Indifferent strangers

Overwhelmed strangers

Entitled strangers

Stressed strangers

Skilled strangers

Not-so-skilled strangers

He wants none of them, but is forced to deal with all of them

He tells them how he’s feeling

He tells us, when we can get through, how he’s feeling too







He expects us to obey his commands

Fulfill his demands

Release him from this hell, the one we placed him in

He expects us to break the rules

He expects us to do what’s best for him rather than for the whole.

He expects us to show up and fix this.

And we can’t.

Or, we won’t.

Which is it?

Depends on the day, the moment, the part of his cycle he’s in

I wake each day in tears.

I move through a practice that helps me shift gears.

I strategize and contemplate — how do I help him address this fate?

Who do I woo?

Who do I subdue?

Who do I become?

What if it were ….. my child?

What if it were…. My spouse?

What if it were… my grandchild?

What if it were… my mom?

Would I respond differently?

This is where we find ourselves

What do we expect of ourselves?

What do we expect of each other?

I know what he expects of us.

I know what we expect of him.

And we’re miles away from finding middle ground

The cycle will continue

Until the virus fades

And what we’ll have left will be different

And we don’t know what to expect then

But we know what he expects now

Expectations in the time of Corona.

Whitney Bishop, Louisville, KY

March 17, 2020



Whitney Bishop

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