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Creative, Curious & Courageous Change Agent I create experiences for change agents who are working to make a difference in the world.
Great Expectations. R.B.C.

Expectations in the time of Corona

He’s lying there

The cycle is clear






A cycle as relentless as the messages we draw near

the botched response of those we blame, how dare they, how could they, why would they?

the masses who are missing their…

In rough seas.

The waves crash.

Those you anticipate.

Those you don’t.

Held under.

Rolled round.


Above water for a moment.

You see the shore.

You can’t see the shore.

You remember you’re a strong swimmer.

Your arms are tired.

You aren’t dressed for it.

You can’t catch your breath.

But you find a way.

You write.

You cry.

You go to the store.

You show up where you’re supposed to most of the time.

You do your best.

Do they notice you’re soaking wet?

They don’t mention it.

You drive across the bridge.

Over the water.

And into the sea.


Rough Seas. Whitney Bishop. 2020.

#caregiving #drowningondryland #familydynamics

Whitney Bishop

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